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In her earlier years, before she entered the world of 'little ones', Gloria was the manager of children's products in a multi-national company. She dealt with educational materials, toys and other merchandise, taking a keen interest in what engages and excites a child from early on.

As she entered motherhood, Gloria became actively involved in both her children’s preschools - the British and American international schools in Taiwan. As her children learned to read and write the Montessori way, Gloria found interest in this method of teaching, eventually leading her to pursue a career in early education.


Impressed by a methodology that promotes creativity, self-esteem, and a joy of learning, Gloria completed the course and graduated with a Montessori Teaching Diploma. She then began her teaching career in Singapore for a year before joining Woodlands Montessori Preschool in Hong Kong when her husband was re-located there.

Having been both a parent and an educator for almost two decades now, Gloria is a firm believer in small-group teaching and emphasizes focus on personal attention for each child. Added to her in-depth grasp of the Montessori philosophy, Gloria is a dedicated and confident teacher, illustrated by her innate ability to manage a classroom and develop children to their fullest.

Gloria has a natural love for children, and is simply able to ‘connect’ with them. She believes that when a child feels comfortable within the environment, the learning and even the discipline comes easily because they enjoy it.

In 2006, Gloria returned to Singapore and founded LittleSparks in Siglap with the hope of continuing the work she loves. 

At LittleSparks, Gloria intends to make a difference in each and every child’s learning experience, assisting in laying a solid foundation for the development of a holistic individual.

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