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On 1st July 2005, Littlesparks Montessori Kindergarten was established. We began small, with one unit and less than 15 students and 3 teachers. Over the years, we have steadily grown to expand to 5 units, 17 teachers and almost 80 students.

At Littlesparks, we pride ourselves in giving the personal touch to all our students and parents. Every single child is important to us. Our group of dedicated and passionate teachers continuously strive to provide the best to each and every child.

Along with providing a holistic Montessori Education, we have also incorporated integrated lessons into our curriculum to prepare our students to face the challenges of the local primary school education.

At Littlesparks, we aim to nurture young minds, instil compassion and encourage a passion for life-long learning to produce children with 21st century skills.

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