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Our curriculum places equal emphasis on the five areas of Montessori education to ensure that your child is well prepared for Primary 1. These 5 core areas are:


Includes Geography, Botany & Science


Learning Concepts through Play with a Hands-on Approach 


Phonics, Reading and Writing skills


Refining the 5 Senses to Aid Learning


Building Independence and Confidence 

18 mths - 3 years

Focuses on the total development of your child. Children learn best through play.

Nursery 2
3-4 years

Provides a prepared environment enabling your child to learn naturally through activities. Introduction to the basics of academics.

Kindergarten 1
4-5 years

Provides your child with a structured Montessori Programme. Advanced platform to academics and cultural subjects.

Kindergarten 2
5 - 6 years

Combination of Montessori curriculum and traditional kindergarten programme.


Montessori Mathematics provides an in depth understanding of Mathematical concepts using the classic Montessori material. There is no better way to learn mathematics than through play with hands on approach.

Reading using Phonics:

Reading is taught using the phonetic method in a systematic way to achieve not only reading but also spelling skills.

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